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FORMULA INDIE 03.05.2020
3rd May 2020 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Lenny – Supporta Chico (feat. Luca Chiari e Rok)

Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl 

Terrorist of Romance – Always choose wrong

Destiny Malibu – Sweet Persuasion

AV Super Sunshine – Crazy Love

Craymo – December Rain

David Raynolds - This Is The End

Jennie J – Chevy Girl

Darrell Kelley – Because of you

Ace Diamond - Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin 

Blu Fish – Up Down

Cau Porta – Grow

Dahlìa – Diva

Donna Zed – Into the dark

Errant Shadow - Crows in the Air

Justin Faye – Bree Tree

Monsieur Job – Gucci Celine

Michele Pettinato – Per continuare a volare

DawgGoneDavis-Judge Not Rap Yes

Brigida LB Santabrigida – Manon, Ritorna! (Integrale)

Franco Nocchi – Quando me ne andrò

Brian Shuck – Southbound Summertime

Fadi Awad & Sasha Dee Jay ft. Addie Nicole - Release 

Frankie Prada – God Bless The Trap

Bozoo – Bird

The Room in the Wood - Fun of The Fair

Emilya ndMe – Snow

Forgettin' Aint Easy Barry International

Heaven TeaTrum Barry International

Lovers Don't Play Barry International(FOB)

Victor DeLorenzo - Tranceaphone