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How to Grow a Business and Give Back to Community
Episode 629th January 2024 • Coast & Commerce • Innovate Media
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Ash Platz, Director of FC Lawyers, shares the story of the firm and its growth on the Sunshine Coast. He emphasises the importance of being authentic and real in business. Ash discusses the challenges of marketing in a crowded legal space and how FC Lawyers differentiates itself by being personable and approachable. He also highlights the importance of building relationships with clients and fostering a positive culture within the firm. FC Lawyers is actively involved in the community and supports various charities to solidify their presence and differentiation. 


  • Be authentic and real in business to go a long way.
  • Building relationships with clients is key in professional services.
  • Differentiate yourself by being personable and approachable.
  • Invest in your team and empower them to build relationships with clients.
  • Get involved in the community and support charities.
  • Focus on growth and solidify your presence in current locations.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:27 The History of FC Lawyers

02:24 Expansion and Services

03:02 Challenges in Marketing

04:06 Differentiating from Competitors

05:33 Building Relationships with Clients

07:33 Fostering a Personal and Approachable Culture

09:04 Empowering Staff and Staff Retention

10:56 Community Involvement and Giving Back

12:38 Expansion into North Queensland and Sydney

18:15 Future Growth and the Importance of the Sunshine Coast

20:04 Keys to the Success of FC Lawyers

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