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Highways Voices 29 March - Connected and Automated Logistics... and so much more with Prof Phil Blythe
Episode 928th March 2023 • Highways Voices • Paul Hutton
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"HGV drivers have been on the National Risk Register for quite a long time, recognising that a significant proportion of them are over 50s, and are likely to retire in the next 10 years," comments Professor Phil Blythe on this week's Highways Voices, as he explains why automating logistics isn't a threat to jobs, but a technical solution to jobs that risk not being filled.

He comes on the podcast this week to discuss a report published recently launched in an event in Parliament looking into how the benefits of connected and autonomous logistics technology can be realised in the short and medium term.

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The former Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Transport explains how delivering CAL in "closed" environments without general traffic might be a short-term win for the technology, "In the northeast, we understand the challenges from the technology point of view, the operations point of view, and what the logistics companies need," he explains. "There's a few more steps required to understand what is really safe... I think we get to a point in the not too distant future, where you could see automated logistics in private operations."

Prof Blythe and host Paul Hutton also discuss the wider use of technology in transport and government enthusiasm to support it, as well as his experiences as Chief Scientific Adviser and how he is inspiring the next generation of the world's Intelligent Transport Systems experts.

You'll also hear news from our podcast partners and why LCRIG's Paula Claytonsmith is this week's recipient of "Adrian's Accolade".