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The Swypit Show - Episode 15 (Swypit Inner Circle Spotlight: Matt Cretzman)
Episode 157th September 2022 • The Swypit Show • Kevin Hodes
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Welcome back to The Swypit Show!

On the latest installment of the show, we're excited to welcome Matt Cretzman, Founder & CEO of Stormbreaker Digital, for a great conversation surrounding the power of marketing in today's day and age.

This episode is packed with some great marketing-related conversation and professional insights that you won’t want to miss out on. 



0:30 - Welcome to the show!

1:45 - Matt Cretzman joins the show

3:00 - How Matt and Kevin became acquainted through the Texas Legends

6:03 - Matt coming from Canada to the USA

8:32 - Matt's family life

10:08 - Matt's background in education and preparations for becoming a church leader

12:05 -A passion for helping people in business

15:30 - Why each marketing company isn't the same

19:19 - The various services that Stormbreaker Digital offers

20:55 - Growth hacking and what companies use this for

27:18 - A fast tip for growing your personal brand

34:29 - Matt's experience working with the Texas Legends and New Jersey Devils

45:00 - Timing is everything within your marketing efforts

50:07 - Where to learn more about Matt and Stormbreaker Digital

53:06 - How Matt utilizes LinkedIn for himself and business growth

56:15 - You need to create strategic partnerships

58:00 - Closing remarks

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