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Freedom Hack Radio - Bryce Robertson EPISODE 30, 22nd January 2021
Make Mobile Home Parks Great Again with Blake Comfort
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Make Mobile Home Parks Great Again with Blake Comfort


  • Check out Blake’s https://comfortcapital.com/ website and subscribe for his latest Mobile home park investment opportunities and to stay in the loop on the progress he is making on his current communities under management.
  • https://www.comfortcommunities.com/
  • Blake’s PH# +1 (619) 672-3880
  • Tony Robbins - Business Mastery Course https://www.tonyrobbins.com/events/business-mastery/


  • Blake Comfort shares with us his path to freedom through investing in mobile home parks
  • Blake is cofounder of Comfort Capital and Comfort Communities
  • He spending last 12 years pursuing financial freedom and cash flow which has turned into a faith inspire pursuit to breath new life into older mobile home park Communities
  • Blake described his visit to the Tony Robbins business mastery event
  • Blake describes how he got started in the mobile home parks space with his father and closed his first big deal at 19 years old
  • Blake tells us about some of his the best and worst mobile home park deals he’s been part of
  • Bryce shares his story of how he bought his first mobile home park with a negative net worth, $2K in the bank and unseasoned credit 
  • Blake explains why freedom is more important to him than money
  • Why mobile home parks are the biggest contributor to solving America’s #1 real estate problem: The need for Affordable Housing
  • Blake tell us about his experience as a pilot
  • Why consistent growth is so important
  • Blake tell us about his father's challenge overcoming blindness and how that affected him spiritually
  • Blake explains the evils of analysis paralysis, and how we must immediately take the 1st step, and be willing to make mistakes and corrections along the way.