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Hunger, Nutrition, Food Systems, and Social Change with Max De Faria '20
Episode 220th January 2023 • Challenge. Change. • Clark University
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Max De Faria ’20 can remember what it was like to not have enough food at home as a child, an experience that has empowered them to dedicate their life to anti-hunger work. De Faria strives to create an equitable food system — the process from which food starts as a seed, ends up on your plate, and returns to the ground. This mission steered De Faria’s work last summer, when they interned at Harvard Law School's Food Law and Policy Clinic and helped prepare a brief for the White House Conference on Hunger and Nutrition.

“I draw on my own experiences of hunger and poverty to encourage other folks to think of food as an incredibly powerful tool we can use to tell our own stories and to create change at the same time,” De Faria says. 

Tomatoes are De Faria’s favorite food. They recommend “Who Really Feeds the World?” by Vandana Shiva to anyone interested in learning more about food justice and sustainability.

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