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Jack Gets Caught on Purpose [Season 9, Episodes 1-4]
Episode 11927th April 2021 • 24 Faithful Podcast • Joshua Rivers
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Key plot:

Jack returns to save Chloe

  • It’s four years after Day 8 and Jack has been on the run, but he’s found by a CIA station in London
  • This was actually a plan by Jack to get captured so he could break out Chloe, who’s been captured and is interrogated
  • She works for an organisation called Open Cell which is devoted to uncovering and publishing government secrets
  • Jack needed to get to Derrick Yates, who worked for Open Cell, as he was involved in someone trying to take control of the US drone programme
  • Yates managed this and took control of Chris Tanner’s drone, killing a squadron in Afghanistan

Kate’s return to the field

  • Kate Morgan is being transferred back to Langley from the CIA’s London station after her husband Adam was indicted for selling US state secrets to the Chinese, albeit she was cleared
  • She identifies Jack’s plays throughout - confusion over his escape route, is the one to work out why he’s at CIA, tracking him after Yates and to the US embassy

Jack takes over the embassy

  • Yates is killed by his ‘girlfriend’ who actually is Simone Al-Harazi, the daughter of Margot who Yates is selling the drone’s override device to
  • Jack decides Tanner’s flight key is the best lead for finding the person involved and breaks into the US embassy where he’s being held to take it
  • While doing so he has to lock himself in a communications room to transmit the data
  • President Heller sanctions him to be taken down but Kate intervenes, saves Jack and recovers the flight key

President James Heller

  • Heller is President and in London to get the UK parliament to extend the lease of a military base and support the use of drones
  • He is suffering with some (as yet unknown) illness which is affecting his mental functions
  • Audrey is with him and married to Mark Boudreau, who vows that she will not hear Jack’s name when he discovers he has resurfaced
  • After Tanner’s drone incident Heller decides to address parliament directly, taking heat from Mark in a prep session when he forgets a name, but miraculously succeeding

Margot shows her commitment

  • Margot planted Simone undercover with Yates, much to the frustration of her husband Naveed
  • Naveed is going to pilot the drones in her attacks later that day but he has his own plan to try and escape
  • Margot learns of this plan from Simone and when he refuses to help her kill innocents, Margot has Simone’s finger removed to coerce him into agreeing