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David Goldberg, Founder of Founders Pledge
Episode 1822nd February 2021 • Startups for Good • Miles Lasater
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David is the Founder and CEO of Founders Pledge, a global community of entrepreneurs finding and funding solutions to big global challenges. Launched in 2015, Founders Pledge has raised more than $2 billion in pledges from 1400 entrepreneurs in 30 countries and seen $450 million donated to charity as a result. Their members include the people behind some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Planet, Bolt, Memphis Meats, Transferwise, Credit Karma, Skype, Spotify, Klarna, Deepmind, and many more. 

David joins me today to discuss how he came to create Founders Pledge. He shares their mission and how successful they have been so far. David also conveys some of their big challenges. We discuss where he received the seed money for the firm. David also shares with us what he considers, “the best thing on the internet”.

“That's sort of how founders pledged developed is this idea where, you know, just help the best people do the most good with their money” - David Goldberg

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • Founders Pledge goals of community, advising and gaining pledges
  • The criticism of Donor Advised Funds being a tax shelter and the funds getting stagnant
  • The challenges of being an international company.
  • The funding environment of for startups and non-profits

Connect with David through Founders Pledge website 

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