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Taking Data Collection & Data Privacy Seriously, with Snowplow
Episode 1511th October 2022 • Life after GDPR • Rick Dronkers
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Life after GDPR - Ep. #15 - Taking Data Collection & Data Privacy Seriously, with Snowplow

In this episode, I interview Jordan Peck from Snowplow.

Jordan is a Solutions Architect at Snowplow with a background in digital marketing analytics. He went from using Google Tag Manager and Google Anayltics for clients, to becoming a Snowplow client himself and experiencing the power of a customized data collection platform. In 2022 he decided to join Snowplow himself to help customers adopt Snowplow and get the most out of the data they collect. He’s active on LinkedIn, Twitter and in MeasureSlack. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Snowplow is
  • What specific parts of snowplow are relevant from a data privacy perspective
  • What configuration options there are 
  • What and Who you need to get started with Snowplow
  • And much more

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-Rick Dronkers

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