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#545: Loyalty Simplified: Beyond Metrics and Into Meaningful Engagement
Episode 5455th June 2024 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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In this insightful episode, we delve into the true essence of customer loyalty with Mark Proctor  who is the Head of Loyalty & Retention at BIG4, Holiday Parks of Australia.

Mark Proctor challenges the conventional metrics often used to gauge loyalty, advocating instead for a focus on emotional connection and customer convenience. Through personal anecdotes and industry examples, Mark Proctor discusses the journey of creating successful loyalty programs, the importance of embracing failure for innovation, and the need to simplify customer interactions in an increasingly complex digital world.

Join us as we explore how loyalty is not just a program but a holistic, organization-wide commitment to enhancing customer experience and trust.

Hosted by Carly Neubauer 

Show notes:

1) Mark Proctor

2) BIG4, Holiday Parks





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