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Medical Volunteer in Ukranian defense, Rom Stevens, MD
Episode 35th August 2022 • Fixing Chicago • Paul Bryan Roach
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1 - [00:05] Intro

2 - [00:25] Guest CAPT (ret) Rom A. Stevens, MD

3 - [08:10] Background on the Ukraine Conflict

4 - [17:45] Dr. Steven's decision to go to Ukraine

[19:00] Getting there and getting started

[24:45] Ukrainian medical system & fitting Into it during wartime

[33:20]Joys & Sorrows of Volunteering

[41:24] Who is helping them?

[46:05] What kind of help is best?

[50:00] Closing and Slava Ukraini

5 - Key Takeaways:

Ukrainian defense an existential situation for the country of Ukraine, and for democracy in Europe

Medical system there improving from Soviet times, but still challenged even before Covid, and the stress (and the intentional targeting of it by Russian bombs) of the war

Volunteering as a Medical staff is rewarding and needed but to be effective, some command of the language is essential; and, issues such as medical supply and medical logistics may be as or more important than physicians lending a hand.

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