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Episode 5: How a Bakery Sale and Cancer Scare Inspired a Million Dollar Business Idea
Episode 527th June 2024 • Her First Million • Amanda Bedell
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Welcome to HER FIRST MILLION with Amanda Bedell!

In this episode, Amanda talks about selling her multi-7-figure bakery business, and hearing the words no one wants to hear, "you have a malignant tumor."

That news, though scary at the time, was the best news for Amanda's life and business.

Throughout the grueling hospital visits and recuperation periods, she was struck by moments of clarity and inspiration. Ideas that would shape the future of her business began to crystallize during these challenging times.

You never know where a spark of innovation can come from.

For Amanda, one vivid picture came while she was sitting on a swing under a willow tree overlooking the Oregon coast range at her parents' farm.

Yes, inspiration can be found in times of rest.

And, it can strike at times when you're surrounded by like-minded business owners who are building badass businesses like you.

One of the powerful feelings that emerged during her healing process was the power of connection and community.

This vision lays the groundwork for the HER FIRST MILLION 5-Day Focus, a program designed to bring together like-minded business owners facing similar challenges, united in the dream of financial freedom.

Are you ready to ap into this reservoir of inspiration and walk away with a blueprint for success, supported by a solid financial strategy?

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