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#293: Reducing Churn in the Home Energy Sector with Genesis New Zealand
Episode 29326th October 2022 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Creating measurable results and driving customer loyalty in the home energy market can be incredibly challenging. 

But Genesis Energy, the largest electricity and natural gas retailer in New Zealand, is achieving exactly that, and has the results to prove it!

Genesis' loyalty program is called “Power Shout”, and it’s proving to be a highly effective tool in driving customer loyalty, reducing churn and even serving as a compelling reason that NEW customers mention when choosing Genesis for their energy needs.

In this episode of "Let's Talk Loyalty", we are chatting with Andrew Francis who leads the team that manages the residential customer portfolio for this innovative energy company, and he shares how powerful their "Power Shout" is, delivering exceptional results that are delighting consumers and investors alike. 

There has probably never been a more important time for energy companies to connect with their customers, so please enjoy listening and learning all about the “Power Shout” program from Genesis New Zealand.

Show Notes :

1) Genesis

2) Andrew Francis 

3) Power Shout 





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