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How YOU Can Create a New Future for 2023 so That You Can Avoid Repeating the Pains of the Past
Episode 12431st January 2023 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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 How can YOU tell if you’re creating a healthy boundary as opposed to operating from ego or control? How do YOU get away from self-hate so you can work on yourself? How do YOU deal with a wife who has anxiety, calls you names, and threatens divorce? Joey is fronting up today, engaging with the Empowered AF 2.0 community, answering listener questions, and dishing out dollops of truth serum that YOU need to hear to become part of the solution in your relationship. 

In this episode, Joey reminds us that YOU have to show up consistently, keep applying pressure on YOUR personal growth, and then give it time. You’ll also want to put some skin in the game by joining the Thrive Community. Learn to speak HER language while chatting with other men going through the exact same sh*t as you! Joey brings it all together in this episode Of Empowered AF 2.0 that packs a mean punch! 

In This Episode:

- How does one go about the emotional rollercoaster of separation and divorce

- Are YOU attached to the outcome of a confrontation? 

- When you should stop having sex (thinking with the wrong head) 

- How to set healthy boundaries around intimacy when the old marriage is dead 

- Understanding self-hate as shame.

- Are you in love with your partner’s potential

- Using AirPods to track your partner’s movements!

- Understanding the 5 Day Challenge process 

And much more…