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Wild Remedies: the Power of Mushrooms with Krysta Francoeur
Episode 4424th July 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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After a hard breakup and a lifetime of medical issues, Krysta Francoeur starts Wild Remedies and begins a journey of self-healing that helps her understand her health issues and transforms her life.

"However, there is still this other layer that if we don't ever investigate it, all of the underlying stuff will just end up cropping back up or coming back as something even worse."- Kysta Francoeur

Krysta Francoeur is the creator of Wild Remedies, a line of medicinal mushroom-based products. She developed the line after her health challenges led her to explore alternative remedies and nutrition.

This is Krysta Francoeur's story—

Krysta Francoeur tells how she started her company, Wild Remedies. She explains that she was motivated to start the company because of her health challenges. She describes how she was led to the Chaga Mushroom and how she started making and selling tea made from the mushroom. She describes how the mushroom's medicinal properties have helped her and how she believes they can help others.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How healing begins with taking responsibility for your health and how to heal your body naturally
  2. Chaga mushroom tea – a medicinal mushroom with adaptogenic properties that can help modulate the immune system
  3. Magic lattes – botanical blends mixed with a milk of choice and have gourmet flavors like spiced chocolate, strawberry Rose, or almond.

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Facebook: WildRemedies

Instagram: Wild_Remedies

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