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Women Over 50 - A Life Redesigned - Shelly Drymon 5th April 2021
Not in the script - My interview with Elizabeth Green
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Not in the script - My interview with Elizabeth Green

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Feminism, sexual freedom, searching for love and finding oneself are all themes in Not In The Script. When you're the black sheep of the family, you've got nothing to lose when it's time to finally be heard. Elizabeth Green was born in Croydon, Surrey, and is the "never heard of" sister of shamed British billionaire Sir Philip Green of TopShop. Her memoir, Not In The Script, is very much an open book on her life, family and constant search for love. It is a chance for her to finally have a voice about who she is--at 72. Elizabeth believes "70 is the new 60" and she is still looking for a serious boyfriend in NYC (using all the popular apps, including Black People Meet), after she learned that first she had to find love in herself before she could love someone else. Learn more at www.elizabethgreen.net