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S2E3: "That Seattle Trip"
28th January 2019 • 2 Dudes and A Chick • 2 Dudes and a Chick and Loudspeaker Studios
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On this episode of 2 Dudes and a Chick, the dudes recap their road trip to Seattle. But before they got to far in their recap, Tiff gives her “roundup.” This weeks topic, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike on Netflix - Priest D ok with killing kids dreams (7:25). After the “roundup” the dudes talk about their trip to Seattle, starting with Dr. Ij’s choice to sleep on the floor (1:01:00), Priest D’s tourism (1:04:30), the hotel accommodations (1:13:00), snoring (1:18:00), and the ride home (1:26:00). The dudes also recap their time at PodCon2 (1:31:00) --- Send in a voice message: