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A Buzz Worthy Black Friday
Episode 47510th November 2023 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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Get ready to revolutionize your digital marketing game this Black Friday! Promising you a rollercoaster of insights, we take you on a journey through the world of Black Friday in the digital realm.

You'll get a kick out of an amusing story about a stolen ATM and how it ties into the larger narrative of leveraging the holiday season without a physical storefront.Discover the fascinating evolution of Black Friday as it has transcended from physical stores to include digital marketers.

Also, we’ll serve up some compelling strategies to create a buzz-worthy Black Friday offer without the dreaded last-minute rush. We later dive into exploring how a simple shift from an online all-day product to a traditional promotion strategy can skyrocket your revenue.

You'll also learn why offering something unique during the holiday season goes a long way compared to the usual sale or discount. Tune in for an episode packed with insights, wit, and knowledge!


”So this is our friendly reminder hey, there's this big opportunity for your business that is only a few weeks away.”

 ”Think about Black Friday is a reason to do something right now.”

 "We definitely generated more revenue when we just did an outright promotion to the list, when it was just a pure promotion.”


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