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'Being gifted Lily reminded me to never give up, that anything is possible and miracles do happen,' says Hollie.
Episode 3431st May 2023 • The Bottom Line Podcast • Bowel Cancer Australia
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Hollie was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer at just 24. Faced with a terminal diagnosis and the prospect of never being able to bear children, Hollie decided to approach her 'shit show' through a positive lens.

'I had to get up every day or I was afraid I may not get up the next day,' said Hollie.

Over 10 years on and now the mother of a toddler, Hollie chats with Stephanie of the struggles she faced around her fertility, both physically and mentally; and the out-of-body experience she felt holding her baby daughter in her arms for the first time.

Hollie also discusses the importance of being an advocate for your own health, respectfully questioning your medical team as you are never too young for bowel cancer.



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