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Tina BQ Tran
Episode 1117th May 2021 • Pursuing Profit with Principles • Regina Partain Bergman
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Do you feel held back by your environment or circumstances? Would you like to free yourself from emotional burdens and create emotional wellness?

My next guest shows you how to do just that. She is Tina BQ Tran an Emotional Wellness Coach and Energy Psychology Practitioner helping overworked professionals who have too many things on their plates to go from being overwhelmed to being positive and focused. Join me as I interview Tina BQ Tran.


Tina BQ Tran is an Emotional Wellness Coach/Energy Psychology Practitioner. She helps overworked professionals, who have too many things on their plates, go from being overwhelmed to being positive and focused using Energy Psychology. She loves what she does as she was once one of those overworked and overwhelmed professionals herself. She deeply understands how it feels and how stressful it is to live life at 90m/h (120m/hr) while juggling conflicting demands.

Relevant Timestamps:

[00:00]  Introduction

[10:46[  EFT

[25:44]  Start your day with this tapping routine

[26:43]  Listening as a leadership principle

[28:38]  The transformative results of following her purpose and passion

[33:01]  The power of having a coach or coaches

Key Takeaways:

  • The power of starting your day with tapping before you even get out of bed
  • The relationship between acupuncture and tapping
  • Making sure we hear what the other person has to say and not making those assumptions. 
  • How energy psychology has allowed her to be the spacious, loving, compassionate, understanding person she wanted to be
  • Having a coach as a profit strategy
  • Find a mentor that you resonate with

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