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Paizo | Playtest | Exemplar
Episode 401st September 2023 • Roll For Intent - Creator's Corner • Roman Neville Productions
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Roll For Intent - Creator's Corner

Paizo | Playtest | Exemplar

Now for Paizo's first rare class for Pathfinder 2e. What can we say except "you're welcome" for this look at The Exemplar - Get the playtest here!!!

War Of Immortals


With Special Guest

Liam Hargraves IV

I am Liam Hargraves IV, from Cardinal Adventures YouTube Channel. I have played multiple game systems including D&D 3.5 and 5th edition and Pathfinder 1e and 2e, among many others. I am passionate about Pathfinder 2nd Edition, so I started a YouTube Channel for my "Age of Ashes" Campaign. I then added Pathfinder 2e Lore. I also have a couple podcasts in the works starting in November.

Liam on YouTube

Liam's Facebook page

@cardinaladventurespf2e on Instagram


This is a segment where we talk about all things Paizoverse! We discuss old, new, and upcoming first party and third party published content with an eye towards integrating it in your own games!

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Trevor Payne

The Magnanimous Game Master for Roll For Intent

Christian Chaney

The "Rules Lawyer" - Beast Foundry



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