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1-54 Forum Paris 2021 | Resounding Waves: on the making of sonic solidarities through radio
Episode 424th February 2021 • 1-54 Forum • 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair
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1-54 Forum Paris

20 - 23 January and through February 2021

Curated by LE 18, Marrakech

Resounding Waves: on the making of sonic solidarities through radio

Departing from their respective research projects Radio Earth Hold and we dreamt of utopia and we woke up screaming, in this conversation Rachel Dedman and Yasmina Reggad explore the formation of sonic solidarities across different regions and liberation struggles, carried out by and through radio, sounds, acoustics and acousmatics in Palestine, Algeria, and beyond.

Recording Credits and References

(1) VOICE: Salah Badis, From the sound intervention ‘On the Palestinian Cause and Western Sahara Question’ by Yasmina Reggad, commissioned by ‘Kibrit: Reactivating collective histories, shares spaces and common places’, broadcasted from Algiers via Skype to Le 18 (Marrakech, Morocco), December 2017. (2) ENG: ’This is the voice of Algeria’, by Franz Fanon, From "A Dying Colonialism", Translated by Haakon Chevalier, Grove Press, 1965. FR: “Ici la voix de l’Algérie”, in Frantz Fanon, Sociologie d’une révolution (L’an V de la révolution algérienne). François Maspero, Paris, 1972. (3) المجد للثورة (Glory to the Revolution), provenance unknown, 1970s. Listen to the whole song here. (4) Abdullah Haddad, ‘Tactics’, performed for Yasser Arafat at a ceremony devoted to the Palestinian revolution, Yemen, 1983. Listen to the whole song here. (5) VOICE: José Francisco Falero From the digital sound archive of one broadcast of 'La Voz de Canarias libre'. Direction des Archives de la Radio algérienne, Algiers (Algeria), n.d. (6) Listen to Radio al-Hara: (7) Jericho - First Palestinian TV Test Transmission, World Television News, no. w067280, 1994.See the whole video here. (8)VOICE: AISSA MESSAOUDI ‘Palestinian Radio Ends Broadcasts From Algeria’. Algiers Voice of Palestine in Arabic 17.02 GMT 7 Aug 94 Daily Report. Near East & South Asia (FBIS-NES-94-152), 08 August 1994, Palestinian Affairs, Page 17

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