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#4 I Am Psychic - I Have Supernatural Powers - Is This True? - The Afterlife
Episode 412th March 2020 • The Gothic Side of Life • Glenn lee alan Davis
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Welcome to the Afterlife on The Gothic Side of Life where I go deeper into the videos I post on YouTube.

In this episode I debunk psychic powers. I also talk about other myths and legends like Ghosts and Aliens. I explain why Cemeteries are not Haunted (with logic). So sit back and join me in the Funeral Parlor. I will tell you a couple of true events of foreseen knowledge. You can then decide for yourself if I have some kind of abilities beyond human existence. I explore supernatural powers, psychic readers and the great beyond.

Of course all "Future Corpses" are welcome. I am here to build alliance between the freaks of the world and the dead! Join the Army!