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Ep.10 Good Christian or God-Poser? Part 2
28th June 2021 • One Little Candle • Rebecca
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Part 2 of an engaging and informative 2 part series. This episode is in response to a social media post aimed at Christians who not only stand by, but openly proclaim God's truths when it comes to sexual immorality. The author of the post labeled them as "God-posers." But is that true? Are Christians not loving their neighbor as Jesus did when they disapprove of anothers lifestyle? This episode closely examines the scriptures and reasoning the author of that post used to try and back-up their claim. Join me, and be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to stand firm in God's statutes and articulately respond to the twisting and misapplication of scripture used against Christians so that we can love our neighbor as Jesus did by speaking the truth to them in love. By the end of part 2 you will learn the distinct difference between a good Christian or a God-poser. Link to song, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less:




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