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Figuring Out How to Build the Consulting and Coaching Business You Want, Featuring Kerrian Fournier
Episode 758th January 2021 • Going Solo • Smashing the Plateau
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Kerrian Fournier, CEO of Vybrante Ventures, has 25+ years of experience on Wall Street, Strategy/Risk Consulting and Technology firms.  

We discuss:

  • The big title, the big office, the big compensation, and the big ego [02:07]
  • When it’s meant to disrupt yourself [04:50]
  • Definitely not a long walk in the park [12:16]
  • What you don’t know you don’t know [14:30]
  • Rethinking what a productive work model looks like [17:22]
  • What’s the worst that could happen? [19:03]
  • The four-box approach for hard and high-impact decisions [21:36]
  • The mindset that will [not] help you open up a beach bar [23:02]

She is a certified Executive Coach through iPEC, one of the preeminent coaching certification programs, and is passionate about unleashing everyone’s highest selves whether you’re an aspiring leader or the CEO of a Fortune 250 company. She is a sought after speaker on topics of team effectiveness, innovation, and building vibrant corporate cultures. Kerrian has spoken at WorldatWork, Center for Effective Organizations, Marsh & McLennan Inc., Bank of America and Symbol Technologies.

Learn more about Kerrian at and LinkedIn.

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