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How Maggie Yu MD Ended Her Own Pain with Autoimmunity
8th April 2022 • Transform with Dr. Maggie Yu • Maggie Yu
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Dr. Yu has a real first-hand experience with pain that she shares in common with her students in our Transform Autoimmune program. She understands what it feels like to be in pain, which is the reason she has made it her mission to help others discover the root cause of their symptoms to help others turn around their autoimmune challenges. Watch the full episode in Youtube To get our pain protocol, start a chat with our team Want to hear more interviews like this one? Subscribe to Our Podcast Subscribe to Our Youtube Channel If you're unfamiliar with a root cause approach to autoimmunity, hormones, and functional approach done from anywhere then click here: If you're curious about how to work with me and my team to turn around your hormones, autoimmunity, or mystery illness, then book a chat with us here: -Maggie Yu MD IFMCP The post How Maggie Yu MD Ended Her Own Pain with Autoimmunity first appeared on Dr Maggie Yu IFMCP.