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Moments with Moni - Monika Hardy EPISODE 106, 16th March 2021
106 Moni & Meg Revisited
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106 Moni & Meg Revisited

Meg Glesener was kind enough to share her time with us for a timely discussion on the Church. Meg is a youth leader at her Church, has eight children, six adult children plus two more close to being the same, and is passionate about sharing the word of God and His message with the world. A few moments well spent as you listen in during this time of change. If you have questions or comments, we would both be willing to talk with you. Just leave us a message.

A huge thank you to Meg who gave of her time, and still gives much of her time to help Podcasters learn the craft through Christian Podcasters Association and now through our meetings in Clubhouse.

If you would like an invite to Clubhouse and have an Iphone, contact me and I will send you an invite.

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