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Supply Chain Now Live: Digital Strategies to Optimize the Customer Experience
Episode 70720th August 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Teams of all sizes are focused on providing the best experience they can for their customers, and they can’t do that today without investing in a specific digital experience. While many people have the technical skills to build a basic website, that is not the same as crafting a digital experience, a completely different approach that increases engagement and forms lasting bonds.

Zahir Palanpur and Stacey Warthen both work for Azul Arc, a digital product development and design company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Zahir is their CEO and Stacey is their VP of Design and Product Management. They emphasize the need to join each client on process of discovery, the goal of which is to better understand their user base before architecting a solution to meet their needs and interests.

In this conversation, Scott and Karin go on their own discovery journey with Zahir and Stacey to learn more about how to connect business objectives with digital user experiences:

• How they help customers visualize the opportunity associated with a redesigned digital customer or user experience

• The tools they use to capture how users actually interact with content and interfaces rather than just relying on selective reported feedback

• Knowing where to invest scarce creative energy so that the team gets the greatest ROI back from their redesign effort

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