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Safeguarding and how to use your Spidey senses
Episode 313th March 2022 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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Possibly the most important episode of The Instructor Podcast so far...

In this episode I'm joined by Child/Adult Trauma Psychotherapist,Cath Knibbs as we dive into safeguarding. A broad topic that covers some areas I didn't expect. Here's just a few of the things we touch on:

  • How driving instructors can protect themselves
  • Key signs to look out for with students, and what to do if you notice something
  • How to set boundaries and expectations
  • Managing parents and GDPR
  • How to stay professional
  • Keeping safe online
  • And more...

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Cath is a Clinical Doctoral Researcher, Online Harms Consultant, Public Speaker, Author and Child/Adult Trauma Psychotherapist. She writes about and works with cybertrauma which is any trauma that occurs through an internet ready device. This much more than Online harms covers

Cath Knibbs is a tech geek, gamer (of sorts), tech/gaming therapist and cybertrauma and trauma psychotherapist using biofeedback/tech and gaming to elicit Post Traumatic Growth, healing and flow. Her recently published book is available now. The book focuses on the ‘why’ we do what we do in cyberspace, and how to help children, young people and adults.

She is a disruptor and advocate for children’s rights, privacy, and digital explorations online. She also educates therapists via her company Privacy4 about Data protection/privacy/cybersecurity issues in relation to their practice. She is also the mental health advisor for Gamersbeatcancer CIC.

 You can find Cath in the following places:

Instagram is nibzy_5.0

Linkedin is Catherine Knibbs

Twitter is nibzy

Internet matters Catherine Knibbs

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