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Enabling Your Data Driven Organisation and the Power of Partnership, with Thomas Harrer, IBM
Episode 415th June 2021 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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In this episode I am delighted to be joined by Thomas Harrer, CTO Server and Storage, at IBM Technology. We discuss how to move beyond the four V's of data that are Volume, Veracity, Velocity and Variety - to that vital fifth V of Value through people, technology and the power of partnership, notably IBM's long standing trusted relationship with SAP and BW/4HANA in particular.

Drawing on dynamic and diverse examples from DNA to Smart Cities to Autonomous Vehicles, to the demands of everyday organisational life, we explore how to navigate data paradoxes and optimise the spectrum of data volume to data value. This includes a rich discussion on empowering self service access and modelling, analytics, governance, automation and integration. Developing key trends and their optimisation are also brought to the fore including Open Source, Data Sovereignty and Cloud Computing, alongside organisational needs that go beyond the technology, notably continual investment in culture, leadership and skills.

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