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Talking about Transforming Trucking – Past, Present, and Future
Episode 79523rd December 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Today’s business world is consumed with the potential of emerging technologies: digital transformation, automation, blockchain, and AI. And while not everyone is thrilled with the changes that technology is ushering in, there is little chance of slowing it down – let alone stopping it.

Mario Pawlowski is the CEO of iTrucker, an online community dedicated to helping “old school trucking” connect with the new world of digital transportation through social media and technology. Mario has an appreciation for the traditional culture of truck drivers and a passion for new technology – and he is combining them to transform trucking.

In this interview, Mario joins host Scott Luton to talk about his perspective on the challenges that face today’s truck drivers and the opportunities that await them if they are open to what the future has to offer:

- Why AI-piloted drones are the future of final mile logistics, what Mario describes as the “heart of the supply chain”

- The potential applications he sees for blockchain and blockchain-based technologies

- How today’s drivers feel about the progress being made in autonomous vehicles, and why the news is better than they think.

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