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Fueling Heart Health: Empowering Nutrition Strategies for Lifelong Wellness -34
Episode 3423rd January 2024 • The Heart Chamber • Boots Knighton
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In episode 34 of The Heart Chamber Podcast, nutrition expert Michelle Routhenstein shares valuable insights on heart health and nutrition. She emphasizes the importance of personalized care and finding qualified healthcare professionals, cautioning against one-size-fits-all diet trends. The discussion delves into the keto diet, ancestral diets, and the need for balanced macronutrients to support heart health. Host Boots Knighton praises Michelle's science-based approach to nutrition and highlights the importance of education in the medical field. Michelle's long-distance nutrition programs aim to address the root causes of heart disease through personalized, science-based nutrition. Listeners are encouraged to be proactive in their healthcare and ask questions, emphasizing the need for individualized nutrition approaches.

If you are looking for something specific - here's where you'll find it:

06:08 Dietitian focuses on heart health and prevention.

10:35 Emphasis on teamwork in patient care. Doctors lacking nutrition knowledge, refer patients to nutritionists.

14:37 Impact of stress on health; the importance of self-care for overall well-being; the need to choose the right medical professionals.

19:24 Avoiding one-size-fits-all diets. Emphasis on personalized, sustainable approach to diet for heart health.

21:16 Rethinking past advice.

25:18 Low carb diets may lead to heart issues and nutrient deficiencies.

27:28 Low carb diets lead to ketosis, but may stress kidneys, liver, and cause health issues like keto flu.

32:22 Adequate nutrition is crucial for athletes' health and performance, as improper balance of macronutrients can lead to increased free radical production and plaque formation in arteries. It is important to question and understand the biological mechanisms behind nutritional claims.

35:58 Group and 1 on 1 support for heart health with personalized guidance, blood work focus, resources, and accountability.

39:26 Be your own health advocate. Understand your numbers, ask questions, and take care of your heart.

40:29 Encourages reaching out to Michelle for heart health tips and joining her group. Airing weekly heart health episodes in February.

A Little More About Today's Guest

Michelle Routhenstein, MS, RD, CDCES, CDN, serves as the owner and president of Entirely Nourished LLC, a specialized private practice in nutrition counseling and consulting focused on the prevention and management of heart disease. Employing a science-based, holistic approach, she is dedicated to enhancing individual's heart health by addressing cardiometabolic risk factors and mitigating the likelihood of cardiovascular issues as individuals age.

Acknowledged as a thought leader and expert in heart disease management and prevention, Michelle is deeply committed to educating individuals on nurturing their hearts for healthy and thriving lives. She adopts a dynamic perspective on nutrition that addresses the root causes of chronic diseases, safeguarding individuals' hearts for longevity. Her passion lies in translating Nutritional Sciences into an easily understandable language that can be applied for the long term.

Michelle has a compelling presence on social media, particularly on Instagram (Heart.Health.Nutritionist) and LinkedIn (/in/michellerouthenstein/), where she shares valuable information to educate and empower her followers to take ownership of their heart and overall health, guiding them in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

As the author of "The Truly Easy Heart Healthy Cookbook" and a member of the Forbes Health advisory board, Michelle has delivered numerous lectures on heart health to diverse audiences. She has been cited in reputable journals, including Medical News Today, Fox News, Forbes Health, LiveStrong, Eating Well, Health, and VeryWell.

Michelle earned her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University (NYU), her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from NYU, and completed her dietetic residency at NYU. Before establishing her private practice, Michelle gained valuable experience on the surgical floor of New York City hospitals, including a level 1 trauma center, where she played a crucial role in managing various high-intensity clinical diagnoses.

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