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#019: Why Some Students Flourish With Some Teachers and Fail With Others with Eric Bourassa
2nd September 2022 • TopMusicGuitar Podcast • Tim Topham
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Eric Bourassa has been a passionate player of the guitar for many years and teaches the art of guitar through his own music school. In this interview, Eric shares his teaching experiences with students and shares his insights why some students flourish with some teachers and fails with others. He recounts the challenges he had with his studio and how he overcame them. And he shares with us how finding the right mindset and tools to give your students a great experience in learning the guitar can help you grow your studio. If you’re a guitar teacher who wants to help students flourish with your teaching style and get them to develop a new passion for the instrument, you need to check out this podcast episode.

  • Eric shares a brief story of his guitar journey.
  • His tips and advise for students who are feeling the pressure to study at university for the sake of having a degree.
  • He shares the challenges he had with his business and the things he learned from it.
  • His experience of learning the guitar when he was a child.
  • The teacher who made an impact on him to become a better teacher and educator.
  • His passion for their students to have a great experience in learning guitar.
  • Eric shares more about teaching discipline and life skills to their students, particularly kids.
  • Managing and balancing your expectations towards students.
  • How to help students have more fun learning.
  • The beauty of witnessing the transformation of students from beginner to advanced
  • One final bit of wisdom to impart to music teachers or guitar players.
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Eric Bourassa owns Fort Worth Music Academy in Ft Worth, TX USA. He is a guitar player, guitar teacher and a YouTube guitar content creator.

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