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How to Use AI in Your Property Management Business with Leanne Sorby
Episode 2911th October 2022 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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If you don't like change, you're not alone. But sometimes change is good for you and your business, especially changes that save you time, streamline your business or save you money. When it comes to technology, there are many skeptics. But one technology you'd be glad to meet is Alex, a chatbot powered by AI. It's a game changer for property managers who are serious about reducing stress and accelerating business growth. 

So, let's talk about Alex, an AI-enabled chatbot. Leanne Sorby, National Sales Manager at Rental Heroes, joins Kylie in today's conversation. She started her career in real estate in 2003 and has worked in sales and property management for agencies in New Zealand, England, and Australia. Leanne transitioned into the Proptech space in 2013, initially working in Project Management roles to broaden her knowledge and help better understand the implementation of real estate software. She then moved into Business Development and has built a solid network within the industry.

Let's dive in and find out exactly how AI can help your business save time and money, and accelerate growth. 

“Property management is such a busy space, a busy industry. Just making sure that you're keeping yourself accountable and on track really helps.”

- Leanne Sorby

In This Episode:

- Meet Leanne Sorby, National Sales Manager at Rental Heroes

- What is artificial intelligence (AI), and how is it changing the real estate industry?

- Leanne talks about how AI-enabled chatbot Alex is helping property managers on a day-to-day basis

- How Alex assists in optimizing the property management workflow 

- The events that led to the birth of Alex

- Other AI products by Rental Heroes to watch out for

- Why is lead capturing essential for growth?

- Leanne's recommended resources for personal development


- Listen to the PM Collective - Supporting Happy Property Managers

- Start, Grow, and Scale Your Business

- Join the Digital Marketing School

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