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7 Musts for Your 3 Minute Startup Pitch
Episode 414th May 2021 • TECHquila Sunrise • Supply Chain Now
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When you’re pitching your startup you have one shot to get the attention of people who listen to pitches every, single day. These people finely-tuned machines, and they can detect greatness, weakness, flaws & bulls#!+ in an instant. Greg White has been there – and done it, and he's discovered the secrets to this finely honed craft.

So Greg shares what you need to do to get the attention of the people that can provide you the funds to make YOUR dream a reality, and so you can project your startup’s value without sounding like an infomercial So, Listen UP!

It’s competitive out there. There are a lot of startups, so you need to know how to effectively pitch. In this episode, you’ll not only know the 7 elements required to construct a pitch that tells your story in just 3 minutes, but you’ll also learn a bit about the complex psyche of venture capitalists, and what they’re looking for when they sit down to evaluate your life’s dream in soundbites. Plus, Greg tells you why you should never try to bullshit a venture capitalist & what happens if you do.

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