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Kaffee Klatsch 2 Announcement of New Tuesday Study
Episode 7213th November 2020 • Moments with Moni • Monika Hardy
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Kaffee Klatsch: Biblical Covenants to Revelation

Well Hello, I’m so glad you’re here!

Come on in and have a seat

The Kaffee is percolating, and the scones just came of the oven. 

I’m so happy you are not allergic to nuts, because there are chocolate covered toffee chips in this recipe. 

Why yes, I can send you home with a few extras for your husband, and a copy of the recipe. 

First let me hang your coat up. It sure is cold out there. The winter weather advisory was right. 

Thankfully you only live around the corner, so it’s shouldn’t be too hard for you get back home. 

You walked??

Well, I guess that is safer than driving today. I hear there is a huge back up of cars on the highway leading up the pass at stateline, with the roads as slick as an ice skating rink. People are stuck in their cars, and some have been waiting more than 4 hours to start moving again!

Perhaps we could pray for them before we begin. 

Dear Jesus, thank you so much for your faithful mercy and kindness towards us. Even through the storms in life You bring peace, as we trust you. Please continue to watch over those stuck on the road, and get them all home safely. Thank you as well for this warm home and time to fellowship with a friend. Amen

What’s that? Oh, yes, thank you for asking. I felt so badly having to ask my friends to leave last week. The water main is now fixed! I still have pots and jars filled with water that I am using up since them, rather than wasting it. Thankfully it is now fixed before the deep freeze arrived today. 

So tell me, what are the questions that you had regarding the New Covenant?

 Oh, I thought you had a question, no that’s great, of course you can share it with a friend. 

Who is your friend. Lily, in India? And she works where? Yes, I have heard of that butterfly farm. It’s just amazing to see the butterflies swarm. I’ve seen them swarm in CA a few times, but too cold here in Idaho to see them much. The Butterfly farm in India is beautiful place to visit. 

No, I haven’t been there. That’s a bit far for me to travel, but I’m happy to hear you are sharing my podcast across the ponds, and over to India. I wonder what it’s like there right now. They are in the southern Hemisphere and in a different time zone so it must be Spring there to our winter, and day to our night. I hear the “air is full of spices” there, and many are turning to believing in Jesus there as well. 

I’m not sure if their churches are underground. The people seem so beautiful to me, and of course they are to Jesus and He loves them just as much as He loves us. 

Update on Work in Progress: Song of Solomon Study Work Book

Book Recommendations:

  • Ann H Gabhart River to Redemption. I just started reading it on my Kindle and love her voice. She reaches back into the past and gives the main character in her book a beautiful way of sharing the past. (In fact I use the same voice in one of my novels that I’m working on, which is why I recognized it right away) The story begins with a little girl who’s family dies of Chollera in the South, and she narrowly escapes death because of the kind hearted slave of an Inn owner who didn’t seem to be affected by cholera. He buried all the dead, and kept a memory record of who and where he buried them. He and another slave at the Inn, who ran the kitchen, took little Adria in to their care, and nursed her back to health and they are in search of a guardian for her before the owner of the Inn, who just returned now that things are better in town, sends Adria away to a less than ideal situation. I was hooked by the writing on page one, and only 60 pages in but thought I would recommend the book called River to Redemption to you. 
  • Another book recommendation on a more theological bent is Bible Prophecy Answer Book by Ron Rhodes. I have heard Ron Rhodes speak on the Janet Parschall show in the past. What I love about the book is that Ron gives you the solid prophecies of the Bible to give you the information without making your mind up for you. He leaves you digging into the Bible to find the truth for yourself. 

Some of the chapters included:

  • Understanding Prophecy
  • Interpreting Prophecy
  • Understanding the Book of Relevaton
  • The Covenants and Biblical prophecy
  • The Distinction between the church and Israel
  • The Signs of the Times
  • The Rapture
  • The Second Coming
  • And more chapters leading up to Death Finally Conqured

Spurgeon quote on Revelation.

How we need a Revelation of Jesus! "The great fault of many professors is that Christ is to them a character upon paper; certainly more than a myth, but yet a person of the dim past, an historical personage who lived many years ago, and id most admirable deeds, by the which we are saved, but who is far from being a living present, bright reality." Charles Spurgeon

How much more is this reality needed today!

Now that we are done with the Biblical Covenants, it's time to embark on the time line that those covenants play out at the end of time.

The New Study beginning next week is Revelation.

Thanks for listening, you can read more and get that recipe at the Blog

You can also read more about that Butterfly Farm in India here.