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Cheers to season two
Episode 508th December 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We just wrapped up season two, and we have so much love and appreciation in our hearts. We are pausing our weekly episodes in order to get season three ready for all of you. While we not be producing weekly episodes, we will continue to create and share content on Patreon. Head on over to join us on Patreon and receive bonus material such as a monthly bonus episode, guided breathwork so you can "Meditate with I Totally Relate", journal prompts, and random freebies. We are about to take our Patreon content to the next level hop on over there, join us, and start getting all the resources we share!

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This final episode of season two is a conversation between the two of us just gushing over how much gratitude we have for you, the sweet listener! We talk through the ways this podcast has grown, and the ways in which this podcast has grown us. We do some reflecting on some of our favorite episodes and guests, the ways they have impacted us, and what season two has been all about.

We give a teeny sneak peek into what is coming next for "I Totally Relate" and to be honest... we are so stoked for the next chapter, the next up-level, and all the growth and love that is in store for our incredible community.

Stay tuned... we can't wait to share it with you!

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