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No. 019 From Stats to Sponsors: A Remarkable Show is Simply Great Content, On Demand
5th August 2015 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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Sponsorships are one of the most discussed topics in podcasting. For the most part, we all want to monetize our podcasts and get compensated for all the hard work we put into our shows. Well, there’s good news and bad news …

We begin this episode with a chat about Podcast Movement and Jerod decides to call Jon out on when this episode is being recorded. In the end we mutually agree that in the very least it is great to plan ahead to keep your schedule!

Then we dive straight into the main topic: a discussion and analysis of Tom Webster s presentation The Podcast Consumer 2015: from the Infinite Dial 2015 study from Edison Research and Triton Digital.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The uniqueness and benefits of a podcast audience
  • How and why podcasters need to explain the podcasting medium better
  • Understanding the difference between podcasting and creating on-demand audio content

Our listener question this week is brought to you by The Showrunner Podcasting Course. The course is currently open for new members until Friday, August 14, at which time it will be closed for an undetermined amount of time (but it looks like possibly the rest of 2015).

To see if it s right for you, go to for complete details.

And this week’s listener question comes to us from Mitch Todd (@mediamitch). Mitch asks how to create podcast show art that grabs the attention of iTunes visitors and encourages them to sample your show?

Also, if you’re starting a new podcast, this is one more potential show stopper for some people. Can they create something decent on Canva or PicMonkey for now, so they can get the show going on iTunes and get something better later … or should they wait until they’ve got the perfect artwork before they submit their show to iTunes? Jerod and I provide our answers.

And finally, this week’s podcast recommendation.

The Show Notes:

Listen, learn, enjoy …

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