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Ask Your Future Self for Advice
Episode 7517th July 2023 • Stress-Less Physician • Sara Dill
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Have you ever written a letter from your future self? It’s pretty common motivational advice to write a letter to your future self, outlining what you want to accomplish, who you’re going to be, and so forth. But what if, instead, you wrote a letter from your future self? What would that look like?

I’ve taken on the habit of talking with and thinking about my future self at about 60, or sometimes, 90 years old. And the more I do that, the more I care about myself in the future. I care about me. This prompts me to consider what I’m doing today to create that ideal future for the gracious, caring, tough-love, 90-year-old me. To help you try this unique approach to seeking wisdom, I share my experiences and how, exactly, you ask your future self for advice.

“The more I talk with my future self, the more I think about me in the future… the more I care about her… It makes me want to take care of her… I want to have my own back… I want to set myself up in the future to have my goals and dreams come true.” – Dr. Sara Dill

What You’ll Learn

  • Positive anticipation of future
  • Tapping into future self wisdom
  • Get to know future you
  • How to gauge advice authenticity
  • Questions to ask future you
  • Wisdom from the future

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