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The Happiness Hub - Kedren Elliott & Liz Parkin EPISODE 28, 9th May 2021
EP028: New Habits with Benjamin Stubbs
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EP028: New Habits with Benjamin Stubbs

This week, Keds and Ben talk about New Habits and how they can help you with your mental health, changing the little things you do can give you more time and make you feel less stressed.

New Habits is the theme of this week's Happy Appy and we'll be asking participants to reduce the time they spend on social media, watching the news, but also consciously choosing the media that they watch.

Ben also talks about how getting outside for 20 mins a day in daylight will help your mood, just by sitting in the garden, going out on your break... anything to get some natural light.

Then it's thinking about what you can do with your new-found time (due to minimised scrolling and cutting down on binge-watching TV) to pursue things that interest you... be it art, dance, DIY, walking, playing, catching up with a friend/family member, researching something of interest, playing an instrument or learning a new skill. What could you do with your new-found time?

Also if you'd like to learn more about Keds fundraiser and how she's getting on with hitting that 200 miles in May for MSTrust you can visit her JustGiving Page.