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Merry Christmas! | TSMP #034
Episode 3427th December 2020 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Unplanned. Unscripted. Unbelievable announcements!

That's right, in today's episode of the TSMPodcast, Aidan & Ashley took a completely different approach and spontaneously recorded this fantastic episode that is JAM-PACKED with lessons, announcements and all-round silliness!

  • A Year In Review [01:48]
  • Who Is Santa's Favourite Singer? [06:27]
  • MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT #1: TSM:Live [07:15]
  • MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT #2: Mastering Online Shows [10:50]
  • MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT #3: Jam Night [14:26]
  • MEGA ANNOUNCEMENT #4: Listen To Find Out... [16:23]
  • Why Was The Snowman Looking Through A Bag Of Carrots? [18:42]
  • What Do You Get If You Cross A Duck With Santa? [19:16]
  • In Summary [19:43]
  • What Did The Stamp Say To The Christmas Card? [23:00]

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