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The future of data and intelligence for personalised nutrition
10th July 2020 • The Vitafoods Insights Podcast • Informa Markets
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While COVID-19 has reignited interest in overall health and wellbeing—or reinforced for already-conscious consumers—it’s not as easy as we think to meet nutritional needs through food alone. While majority of the population is also adjusting to a home-based lifestyle, when the world inevitably returns to a new version of normal, we may see many stumble back into unhealthy daily routines. However, advances in personalised nutrition and accelerated technology has made it easier for consumers to not learn more about their health status, but also seek tailored solutions that help meet targeted nutrition needs. This future has already started, with several companies already offering advanced technology and innovative personalised nutrition solutions. In this podcast, Marion Schumacher, content manager at Vitafoods, chats to Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer at TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, discuss: • Why consumers should care about detailed health insights and receiving tailored advice • The future of data analysis and artificial intelligence for personalised nutrition • Understanding data privacy and protection • Emerging and innovative solutions meeting future-forward demand




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