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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 191, 5th February 2019
Ep. 191 - Living in Concert with the Mind with Meditation Teacher Light Watkins
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Ep. 191 - Living in Concert with the Mind with Meditation Teacher Light Watkins

Today, author, former fashion model, and meditation leader, Light Watkins joins us on the podcast. Light has been active in the wellness space, first as a practitioner, and later as an apprentice to his Vedic Meditation teacher, and finally in 2007 as a meditation teacher himself. He writes articles on meditation and happiness, leads sold-out meditation trainings and retreats, and produces The Shine—a global pop-up inspirational variety show with a mission to inspire. Light also sends out a popular daily inspirational email each morning called The Daily Dose of Inspiration.  Our community is always buzzing about meditation; Light shares with us how he discovered yoga and meditation, the last decision he made for money and what it taught him, and how he distinguishes between roadblocks. We also talk about how Light transformed his health and lifestyle, his mindset around the happiness myth, and what his movement, The Shine, is all about + how it’s sparking random acts of kindness.


We also talk about…

  • Our meditation practices
  • Being a model
  • Listening to the different voices within
  • The sleep deprivation we have as a society
  • The different types of meditations
  • Light’s book, Bliss More, and why he was inspired to write it


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