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Forget Bank Balances, This Latina is Distilling Pure Legacy - Carin Luna-Ostaseski
Episode 1331st May 2024 • ENCUENTRAS YOUR VOICE • Consuelo Crosby
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Ever feel like you’re not where you belong? Feel like you’re not on the right path? Maybe you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Discover the WHY and WHAT that can make your dreams come true!

In this Pod Club episode, we highlight the true gems of life lessons learned from last week’s full length episode.

Get ready for a dose of inspiration from trailblazer, Carin Luna-Ostaseski, Cuban American Latina, who shattered history as the first female founder of a 500-year-old scotch whiskey brand. Hear about her rollercoaster journey, filled with rejections and unwavering dedication to her family's legacy.

This episode is hot, hot, hot... mixing fire with fuel to ignite the Latina magic in impacting others by going after their wants. It sparks discussions on leaving a legacy that goes beyond bank balances and the magic of chasing your dreams.

00:00 Let's Kick Off Encuentras Your Voice: Cheers to Latinidad!

00:50 Marveling at Carin Luna-Ostaseski's Odyssey

03:07 Unleashing the Power of Legacy and Making a Mark

06:50 The WHAT and WHY Behind Your Dreams

07:38 Sip on Carin's Scotch Whiskey Secrets

09:39 Mixing Fire with Fuel Makes an Explosive Dream

10:27 Sneak Peek at Next Week: How to Avoid Burnout with Alexa Martinez

12:22 Wrapping Up with Warm Thoughts and Community Love


  • Creating legacy involves honoring the past and elevating the future.
  • Finding your mission is about focusing on what brings you joy and happiness.
  • A mission that brings joy to others can fuel your determination and resilience.
  • Success is not just about personal gain, but about sharing and inviting others in.

Consuelo is a First Gen Peruvian, structural engineer, mother and Scorpio fired Latina out to hold the mic and shine the light for amazing Latinas and advocates who share their journey from ancestry to authenticity in their most genuine voice. 

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