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Digital Reinvention with Nahia Orduña
Episode 310th February 2021 • AudaciousNess • AudaciousNess
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Nahia Orduña is an agile leader in disruption, a data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) evangelist, a Future of Work expert and a lifelong learner. Her recently-published book, Your Digital Reinvention, is a practical guide to helping people discover new job opportunities and find their place in the digital world.

In this conversation, Nahia explains 

  • why digitally reinventing yourself is so relevant, especially since the start of the coronavirus pandemic
  • why celebrating diversity is more important for our work today than ever before
  • how she dealt with prejudice and backlash against her choice to be full-time working mother
  • how she set up networks to help other women develop and thrive in the digital world
  • how knowledge-sharing and thought-challenging can benefit society.

Nahia also offers advice for people wishing to write a business book themselves.

Your Digital Reinvention is available to purchase via Amazon. More details are on Nahia’s website.

Note: Nahia’s interview starts at 17 minutes. Before that, Maribel and Helen have a conversation about fear and having the confidence and vulnerability to tell others how you really feel - the innocence of sincerity.


Music: Pablito's Way by Paolo Pavan