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The Blueprint for Funding $50 Million in Today's Market
Episode 33131st May 2024 • Mortgage Marketing Radio • Mortgage Marketing Radio
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On this episode, Allison Larson, shares her strategies for building relationships with real estate agents and growing her business. She emphasizes the importance of finding agents who have a minimum of five buy-side transactions in the last 12 months and have been licensed for at least a year.

She has a very structured process for identifying the right agents to build relationships with and how to maximize the impact of realtor appointments. She emphasizes the importance of being intentional and prepared for each meeting, focusing on the agent's pain points and finding connections.

Allison also discusses the value of hosting events and classes to attract and engage realtors. She highlights the significance of creating a strong online presence, encouraging loan officers to be authentic in their approach to building relationships with real estate agents.

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