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Episode 9 - Choosing to let Go to Let In. In Business & in Life
Episode 912th July 2021 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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In Episode 9 - I take a look at the importance of Letting Go and Letting in for Business and for Life

If you are struggling to attract new clients or a new relationship, or maybe you are struggling to follow through and find yourself procrastinating or self-sabotaging your success, then this is the episode for you!

I lift the hood on 'letting go' and how holding on at an unconscious level may be just the thing that's preventing you from getting the results you want in your life and business.

In this episode I guide you through two key ways to let go, so that you can let in, move forward and get the results and success that you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Are you struggling to stand out and find a differentiator for you and your business?
  • What do I mean by 'letting go and letting in' and why does it matter, especially for business?
  • How do you let go and let in? - I guide you through two exercises.
  • Why is Letting go and letting in so important right now?



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Weight Loss for the Mind - Stuart Wilde

The Serenity Prayer - Reinhold Niebuhr

What you can do now...

Do the two exercises in the Podcast for as many areas of your life as possible, in order to release and let go so that you can move on.

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