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A Creator's Mindset - 1:1 w/ Tom Buck
29th June 2022 • HNM Live • James Hicks
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Today’s guest = TOM BUCK

Tom refers to himself as a lifelong audio and video nerd. if he’s not creating amazing tutorial and informational videos on his youtube channel, you can probably find him sitting behind a drum set, strumming a guitar, taking photos and video with the wide array of camera gear in his office or collaborating with his wife on her content creation efforts.

Tom’s YouTube channel is a must subscribe resource for anyone that looks to get an unbiased perspective of the gear he has available to him.

That’s part of what I wanted to talk with him about, his overall high standards for creating and distributing content, who he does and doesn’t work with and the requirements he’s put in place to ensure he’s always aligned with brands that resonate with his overall ethics.