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The Return of Earth through Potent Leadership | Ruby Fremon
Episode 15012th January 2022 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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Without a doubt, we are living and navigating through a time in human history where potent leadership is a non-negotiable. Not only are people choosing to rise up and unapologetically share who they are and their beliefs, most importantly, but they are also choosing to use their platforms to speak up and deliver the Truth about what's really happening in our world. And even though censorship is on the rise, it's not stopping people from answering the call to bring forth education and awareness so that power and personal sovereignty are instilled back in the people.

With potent leaders like Ruby Fremon, author of Potent Leadership we're recognizing the Truth that humanity is craving integrity more than ever. Of course, there are major adjustments unfolding in humanity and the collective at large, but now, more than ever is it important to remember that you came here during this wild time for a purpose and reason. And while tomorrow is never promised, it's important to make the most of our time here to be part of the solution. As we have the courage to be vulnerable and share our stories, we never know whose life we can touch and what impact we can make for them.

In this episode, we talked about...

◆ How humanity is craving integrity and true integration within our collective

◆ Honoring the Hawk perspective to recognize the conditional programming and collective conditioning

◆ Spreading your medicine with intention, integrity, and purpose beyond performance

◆ Recognizing the division and segregation happening in our world

◆ Evolving our work as we too evolve to cultivate deeper alignment

◆ Transcending the fear of death and honoring the cycle of life

◆ Ruby's book writing journey for Potent Leadership so much more

what makes us unique is the totality of who we are... that is potency

Discover Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon is a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, leadership mentor and speaker who has helped thousands gain the confidence to quit performing, crystalize their messaging, and lead their movements with integrity.

An expert on personal growth and inner-work, Ruby is the host of top-rated podcast “Potent Truth” (formerly known as “Today’s Thought Leader”) and has appeared in over 100 publications and podcasts. She works with her clients one on one, or in group settings at her live retreats and in her Collective.

Known for her big heart, no-bullshit approach, and shamanic gifts, Ruby’s work bridges the gap between practicality and spirituality, offering leaders an opportunity to create true inner expansion. Her favorite topics to speak on include potent leadership and conscious entrepreneurship, which have landed her on stages around the world.

Ruby sees herself as an advocate for humanity and uses her online presence to encourage her community to question the narrative and cultivate true sovereignty of mind, body, and spirit. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their two dogs, Luke and Leia. Potent Leadership is her first book.

Named “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post and an “Icon of Influence” at the 2018 New Media Summit, Ruby was the visionary behind the annual three-day transformative leadership event, Amplified Soul Live®. She is an international speaker, the founder of The Thought Leader Collective, and host of “Today’s Thought Leader” podcast which topped at #38 in the U.S. iTunes charts for Entrepreneurship in 2019. Ruby uses her potent, no-nonsense approach to help leaders rise up, fulfill their missions, and make their voices heard.




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