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How To Stop Overeating
Episode 16219th October 2021 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Today we are tackling one of the most common food problems and struggles you might face. It might be the biggest obstacle to losing weight and getting fit - OVEREATING.

You may think I never overeat, but that’s simply not true. I’ve experienced it big-time! In this episode, I share one of my worst overeating stories. Then I explain . . .

  • The one big thing that all overeating comes down to
  • The important differences between basic overeating and legitimate disordered eating/binging
  • The 3 factors that are at play when it comes to overeating
  • The real problem that people are experiencing 98% of the time when they’re struggling or stressed about food and weight loss
  • Biochemical triggers that can cause you to have cravings and overeat
  • The difference between your thoughts and your emotions
  • How to handle emotional eating
  • And 3 specific steps that can help you take control of overeating!

Grab a pad, pen, and turn the volume up! This is a jam-packed episode. Let’s do this!